The current game console version does not support the specific version of Madden

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From the perspective of the game itself, if EA promotes the development of the next generation of consoles, then they must create a new player model in the game. The greater the number of models created, the heavier the burden on their workload, which is almost a hard task. Because if they do this, the CPU cost that players need to pay will be even higher, so it is difficult to release a specific version of Madden 21 on PS4. However, players who want to try it should accumulate MUT 21 Coins as soon as possible.

The more important reason is that the fourth-generation game consoles cannot make animations more realistic, so there are certain technical limitations. The number of animations to follow, the speed of movement of the NFL players, and the different passing directions limit the progress of the research. So EA’s development team is trying to solve this problem. There are 80 players on both sides of the sideline, which enhanced the audience effect, improved the presentation effect of the players, increased the body type, and increased the beating of muscles. They developed all these items at the end of the fourth-generation console transition. Therefore, in terms of GPU and CPU performance and overall memory, it enables EA to do a lot of things that the fourth generation cannot.

EA’s vision at the beginning of the development of the Madden series was to build the most realistic football video game. Real rugby games can not only provide a game platform for fans who love rugby but also provide simulated tactical exercises for professional NFL players and coaches. And starting from the core game point of view, really starting from the needs of players, this is what most fans want.

In addition, they present all the content of the game in all its forms and methods through the concept of “next level”. But finally, gameplay is the most important thing. This may be a beautiful game, and everything may be great. But if players are not satisfied with performing the game, they will not be willing to continue to try Madden games on next-generation consoles. If they have a demand for Cheap MUT 21 Coins, they can Buy MUT Coins at GameMS, which is so fine!


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