Features Of Vegetable Processing Machine

Vegetable Processing Machine equipment features

Vegetable Processing Machine equipment features:

  1. The effective width of the mesh belt of vegetable processing equipment is 1000mm, and the material of stainless steel mesh belt is all stainless steel 304;
  2. Equipped with a surfing air pump, the product is processed under the wave, which can give greater play to the product's processing effect. Surfing air pump power 4kw;
  3. The box is equipped with an overflow device. The stolen goods float through bubbling, and can be discharged through the overflow port through the float removal device. It is equipped with a quick-release impurity filter, which can be removed at any time to remove floating impurities;
  4. The vegetable processing equipment is equipped with 4 debris brushes. The rotation of the brush can remove the hair or fibers on the surface of the film. The brush is quick-release for easy removal. Wool is 0.2 silk yellow nylon silk;
  5. The upper part of the processing box is equipped with 8 sets of high-pressure water spraying devices, and the pump power is 3kw.
  6. There is a secondary spraying device in the climbing and lifting section, which can process the cleaned products through secondary processing and spraying. The water source is tap water;

7.The feed end is equipped with a forward pushing device, whose angle can be adjusted, so that the material forms convection in the tank, which can process the product more thoroughly and speed up the product operation;

  1. The vegetable processing equipment is equipped with an inner liner device, which can pull out the entire net bag bracket, which can clean the sediment that stays at the bottom of the sink for a long time.

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