Madden 21 50 Promo with stacked player cards and weekly challenges is now available

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Series 2 starting from Madden 21 Ultimate Team, this means a lot of new content. The new Madden 21 50 Promo and weekly regular challenges will bring players the opportunity to get MUT 21 Coins and also get some players who can influence the trend of the game. It is not only an opportunity for players to improve their strength but also an opportunity to strengthen their adaptation to Madden 21.

Besides Team Builders 2 players, they also launched a new Madden 21 The 50 promotion on Friday. It has 8 players, each with a stacked 91 OVR card. Former center defender Reggie Bush leads with his 91 New Orleans Saints total. Bush’s cards have 91 speed, 91 direction change, 91 agility and 89 steals. Also includes tight-fitting Jimmy Graham, free and safe Brian Dawkins, Reggie White on the left end, ROLB Derek Brooks, CB Nnamdi Asomugha and The large receiver Tyrone Calico.

As part of the Madden 21 The 50 promotion, each of the eight players received stacking cards (91 OVR), fresh cards (81 OVR) and power-up items. Players can exchange fresh cards in groups to get players’ stacked versions. Every Friday, EA will announce three new players. They are all part of this promotion. As mentioned earlier, there is a new exchange kit in the promotion. Each stacked version of the player above has an exchange set.

As long as players can complete the weekly challenge, they can get three stars and 400 Madden Coins. There are more generous rewards waiting for players to challenge in depth. Before going to conquer all of this, players must first raise their level of strength. The best way is to Buy MUT 21 Coins at GameMS, which will help them a lot.


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