What kind of villa elevator should be chosen

At present, the market share of villa elevator is relatively small, and the understanding of villa elevators is relatively small.

At present, the market share of villa elevator is relatively small, and the understanding of villa elevators is relatively small. First, villa elevators refer to elevators for private use by families, while public passenger elevators are public elevators; the load, speed, and maximum The operating height is usually smaller than that of public passenger elevators, and the door opening method of hand-pulled doors or automatic doors is generally adopted.

Compared with public passenger elevators, the technical specifications of villa elevators are different, which means that in accordance with the manufacturing specifications of villa elevators, elevators that pay too much attention to appearance and decoration and do not pay attention to the safety nature of villa elevators are unqualified. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand the essence and technical specifications of villa elevators.

According to different traction methods, villa elevators are divided into hydraulic villa elevators and traction villa elevators. The hydraulic villa elevator belongs to the traditional home elevator design and has been very popular for a period of time. However, due to its characteristics such as oil leakage polluting the environment, too much operating noise, and excessive power consumption, it does not conform to the development concept of environmental protection and energy saving of the modern elevator industry. Manufacturers are phased out.

Villa elevators are different from ordinary passenger elevator and are generally only used by a single family. Therefore, there should be higher requirements for its safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If an unexpected event such as a power outage or failure occurs while using the villa elevator, choose a villa elevator with an automatic rescue device and automatic dial configuration to protect the safety of your family to the utmost.

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