NBA 2K21: Best shooting and game production badge

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NBA2K21 has finally come out. It introduces some brand new MyPlayers. These products continue to increase the scale of the NBA and become popular in the neighborhood. Trading MyPlayers with 2K MT is still essential. However, the shooting mechanism in the game caused some controversy. Compared with earlier games, a heavy three-pointer or making any player dribble is more difficult. Fortunately, there are some badges in the title to help you take better photos.

When choosing badges, remember that you can select and upgrade them several times. When one is selected for the first time, it is designated as a silver trait. After picking four times, it will become a HOF dessert. You should consider upgrading your most chosen badge immediately after the Hall of Fame level. Let’s take you through the best shooting and game badges in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 best shooting badge. It takes time to adapt to the NBA 2K21 shooting system. However, you can make the mechanics more convenient by choosing badges, especially when choosing point guards and shooting guards that focus on marksmanship. You can unlock and pick more than 20 badges to use when shooting. Choosing the right option will allow you to help MyPlayer reduce hard hits and widen corners at three times the normal speed.

Catch the ball and shoot. In MyCareer and MyPlayer modes, capturing and shooting functions are essential. You can only monitor one player on the field, so being open for quick catches and shots is crucial. This badge will help such attempts to pass the bucket more frequently.

Corner expert. The third triangle is the shot with the shortest chance of getting a three-pointer on the court. This is the best shot in a basketball game. Your ability to successfully take these photos on a regular basis is critical to achieving important results in the championship title.

Dead eye. This badge reduces the effect of the defender’s impending exit. Therefore, in essence, even if the defender is fighting against you, if the player is eager for the shooter to try to change the shot, this badge can make the shot accurately reach the target location.

Difficult to shoot. This trait allows for more difficult attempts, such as dribbling and fading away. The Difficult Shot badge further enhances this mechanism and puts you on the road to becoming a legend. Flexible release Sometimes it is difficult to set the time appropriately, but the flexible release badge is very useful in this case, because even if you don’t time the release in a perfect way, it can help you succeed more frequently To perform.

Hot spot hunter. This badge can increase the percentage of shots attempted in the area selected by the player, and is especially useful for players who tend to try to score from a specific location. One of the things that expands the range, the Range Extender allows your players to throw bombs from a distance, just like NBA 2K21 cover athlete Damian Lillard did.

NBA 2K21 best game badge. You can manage the key games in the transition, smash the guards with outstanding moves and skillfully pass the ball on the court to win in the NBA and black holes. Most badges don't actually improve the new dribbling system in NBA 2K21, but the focus is on the Playmaking badge on passing, energy, and teamwork.

General floor. Players such as Magic Johnson and LeBron James are best at improving the performance of the players around them. Thanks to the Floor General badge, the offensive functions of all players on the floor are automatically improved.

Handle for a few days. This badge helps you save energy while dribbling. Since endurance tends to decline quickly, you can use this trait to your advantage. This will enable you to show some amazing dribbling moves without getting tired.

Lob City Passer. The Lob City Passer badge improves the attribute level of dunk and thrower in alley conditions. It makes you more nervous and skilled, and play more with highlight players. This special feature can help you be more explosive in the triple threat and scaling. The badge works well when used on the highest rated player in the game.

These tips and explanations should help you become better and enjoy more on NBA 2K21. Buy NBA 2K21 MT can give you a better experience.

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