EV Rider Royale 4 Dual Seat Scooter: A Scooter for Limited Mobility Couples

A 4 wheel travel scooter is a perfect travel companion to choose if you want to travel outdoors safely.

A 4 wheel travel scooter is a perfect travel companion to choose if you want to travel outdoors safely. As compared to 3 wheeled configurations, a 4 wheeler is safe and offers a stable ride even on bumpy and uneven terrains. This is the main reason that people suffering from mobility issues willing to lead an active lifestyle and invest their hard-earned money by purchasing a 4-wheeler travel scooter

Different kinds of travel scooters are available in the market. Every scooter differs from others based on features. Some have a weight holding capacity of 250 lbs whereas some hold 350 lbs weight, some have a folding mechanism whereas others support feather-touch disassembly. Despite so many differences, one thing is common in every travel scooter i.e. a seat for one person only. In this regard,  EV Rider Royale 4 Dual Seat Scooter is an exception. It is a stylish and power-packed scooter with a wide seat that easily accompanies two persons at a time, sitting side by side. This is one of the main USP’s of the travel scooter.

Salient Features

It is a scooter for those people, who want to enjoy outdoors with their partners sitting by their side. EV Rider Royale 4 Dual Seat Scooter features a padded seat with 32’’ width and 19’’depth. The scooter has a greater weight holding capacity i.e. 450 lbs. It offers a ground clearance of 6’’ but has a bulky design with a turning radius of 63’’. Some other salient features of 4 wheel travel scooter are:

  1. It runs up to 32 miles in a single charge with a top speed of 9.30 MPH.
  2. It features a full suspension system, thus it offers a jerk-free ride.
  3. The digital tritium display provides concrete information about speed, battery, etc.
  4. The scooter is safe to use even during the night times as it is equipped with complete light package with blinkers in mirror covers.
  5. The pneumatic tires with aluminum alloy wheel rims look fascinating and leave no marks on the floor.

Owing to all these features, this 4 wheel travel scooters becomes an instant hit amongst limited mobility and old age people. For making bookings, look for a reputed online store.

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