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I bet that every of us was struggling with finding a normal and reliable source to read updated news about the most popular celebrities like rappers, actors and other influencers. I would say that in our days, it is really hard to find a true news or information about someone, because it often happens that eve celebrities could post fake information about other famous people. And with the existance of a plenty of news portals, it didn`t became easier to find checked data from reliable informators. 

However, I can recommend you a news portal where each article contains only completely true data and it always updated with the most recent fame events. Here you are  you can be sure that the articles you will find here are definetely checked and true. 

For example, even Wikipedia contains a lot of old and non-updated facts or even wrong information in such simple things such as height, age of family of an exact person. By tapping on aforementioned link you can read abount height ranking among the most popular rappers with short description of their career and records. 


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