The Most Practical House Plan Ideas

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Here are some of the most practical house plan ideas in case you are planning to build one. Do not forget to hire an architect.


  • Use the topography of the land to your advantage. Don't just try to create a level piece of land to build on.

  • Use the Solar Path to your advantage for keeping the house comfortable naturally. Don't forget the shading devices or the house would get too hot.

  • Insulation in roofs cannot be overlooked and if required for your climate walls and floor slab insulation. Use the best quality hydraulic hose fittings.

  • Depending on the solar radiation of the property, solar geyser, induction geyser, instant gas geyser, etc.

  • Depending on the climate and lifestyle, galleries or sunrooms are ideal gathering places and entertainment areas.

  • Trees/hedges in the vicinity of the house for windbreaks and noise attenuation. Hydraulic Hose is important for the proper flow of water.

  • If you are in a rainy climate, consider a covered area for clothes drying - tumble dryers are not energy efficient.

  • Induction stove.

  • Timber or thermal break window frames or if in extreme climatic conditions double glazing.

  • In hot, humid and high rainfall areas consider a wrap-around gallery and high ceilings. This design generally does not require HVAC.

  • People generally forget laundry areas.

  • A lounge and dining area opening up into a large gallery with large sliding doors make the area look bigger and again is ideal for entertaining

  • Consider a wash/preparation bowl in the kitchen along with the normal sink, unless you have allowed for a separate scullery.



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