Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Cancerians will experience the grace of Jupiter retrograde in their professional segment. Things will become smooth, and this is the time for prosperity. Natives might visit abroad for job purposes or get a promotion and increase their designation.



Cancerians will experience the grace of Jupiter retrograde in their professional segment. Things will become smooth, and this is the time for prosperity. Natives might visit abroad for job purposes or get a promotion and increase their designation.


Business people will also experience returns and gains in business. You might start a new business or another source of income that will be fruitful. Partnership business will also bring significant results, which will make you more financially stable and strong.


Some people might get the property as an inheritance and improve their wealth status. Jupiter might make you spiritual, and you will be spending money on spiritual activities.


In marital life, you two will have a pleasant environment. This period will bring you two closer and increase your love. You may also take them for an outing or a trip.


On the health front, you will feel healthy as a horse and energetic all day long. Since the retrograde positively impacts you, no health issues are seen. Only allergies or colds might be there due to the changing season.


Remedy: Donate food to crows on Saturdays.




Jupiter retrograde will be a time of average results for Leos. They might feel stuck in the job, and the workplace will not feel pleasant. You might also feel work pressure and might not manage it well. However, at the same time, the authorities will trust you with more responsibilities.


Businessmen might invite many hassles as there might be more losses than profits. This is not a time to start a new business or deposit a significant amount of money as an investment.


Some might have unexpected gains which might happen from inheriting ancestral property. With this, status and respect will also come along.


In your personal life, if you are a parent, you will be worried because of your children. They will become your reason for worry, and you might think a lot. They will have poor performance in academics which will distress you both.


There will be some expenses for health as well; this might be related to your children.


Remedy: Chant "Om Gurave Namaha" daily 108 times.




Virgos will have mixed results at the workplace; they will perform well, but they will not be delighted. There might be a downfall in their level of happiness. The people around will not be supportive, which will demotivate you further. Some people might also try to take your benefit.


Business people will be concerned since profits will not be coming their way. Those who are in partnership business might face problems with their associates. 


Financially some might gain from unexpected sources. You might get property from your ancestors and might feel the expansion.


In your marital life, there will be issues with your partner. There might also be some problems in the family, which might make a distance between you two.


In the health segment, leg pain might be experienced. Some natives might also develop cold and skin problems.


Remedy: Chant Om Namah Shivaya daily.




Librans will go through a tough time during this retrograde. They might not be satisfied in their professional life. Work pressure might also be there, which might not be easy to handle. Your seniors might overlook your efforts, so there will be no appreciation. Promotions will also be delayed, which might stress you further. Business people will have average profits, and the revenue will not be as expected.


Financially there might be many tasks for which you need money. However, the available money might not be enough to keep you in distress. This period might bring more expenses than you expected, so that you might go for loans or debts.


In marriage life, too, there might be unexpected disputes with your partner. You might not understand each other, which might lead to conflicts.


You might develop pain in your thighs or legs; you might handle more expenses due to the health of your children or siblings. 


Remedy: Chant "Om Brihaspataye Namah" daily 21 times.




Scorpions will have mixed results during the jupiter transit retrograde; hence, it will be a series of ups and downs. Your workplace will feel nice, but the chances of promotions or incentives will be delayed.


Business people might not meet their expectations of generating a certain revenue. This will be hence a period of a disappointment for them. However, you will have to have patience and make decisions after thinking thoroughly. Partnership businesses are not fruitful; you should not start one. 


Money will be enough to make ends meet; however, it will not be in excess. You might save some, and you should save. This will help you plan for the future or make any upcoming investments.


In marital life, you can maintain harmony with your partner. Sometimes ego might make you two clash, which will disturb your marital life. This might also lead you two to argue.


On the health front, you might have to manage some medical expenses because of your children.


Remedy: light oil lamp for Jupiter on Thursday.

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