Evil Legion Giant Commander Monster Location - Leyar Terrace

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Evil Legion Giant Commander Monster Lost Ark Gold Location - Leyar Terrace

Get out of Tamir Village and go through the center of the area above like you are heading towards Borea's Domain Portal. If you follow the right or left path when you ascend and you'll see one guard, known as Weiny. Make a turn to the east here.

When you get into the next part of the area You'll see you'll find your Evil Legion Commander. He has around 10,000 health that is very hard-hitting and generally has at least one other mini-boss level monster with him So be cautious. At lower levels, it's the toughest fight.

Frenzied Agarus Monster Location - Borea's Domain

From Galatur's Forge. When you come to an extensive area, head to the south-facing exit. When the area starts to thin out, but before you get near the broken cart on the right of the route, you will find an Agarus named Frenzied Agarus.

Frenzied Imp Mage Monster Location - Borea's Domain

Make your way towards the south, starting from Galatur's Forge. You will reach the southwest part of the area below, where a trail heads west into the northwest corner of Borea's Domain. Go up the stairs into the northern portion of the wall and then to the left when you reach the summit. In the corner is where you can find the spawn point for the Frenzied Imp Mage.

The Giant Black Rose Spider Monster Location Blackrose Chapel Blackrose Chapel

At the Styxia Village Triport, leave town Lost Ark Gold for sale by the gate on the north side and turn to the right after the fork. Continue on the same path toward the Leyar Terrace Portal and you are likely to encounter the Giant Black Rose Spider, by a large carcass on the left side of the road.


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