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Build a hands-on future with us. We Unique System Skills LLC have been approved to offer Trade Training in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Looking for Trade Training in New Hampshire?

Trade Adjustment Funding (TAA) program seeks to provide adversely affected workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, credentials, resources, and support necessary to rebuild skills for future jobs. Unique System Skills LLC offers the best trade training in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The TAA Program invests $450 million in training funds annually to serve more workers impacted by foreign trade and gets those eligible for TAA ready to work by providing them with tailored training for new skills that create pathways to well-paying middle-class jobs. It gives the workforce an opportunity to use the benefits to learn and get back to work sooner.

Build a hands-on future with the UNIQUE System Skills. We specialize in hands-on trade training in New Hampshire. we can help you discover and maintain a career you’ll love. We offer multiple educational opportunities to candidates who want to build a rewarding, successful career but can’t afford four years of college. In just months of training, candidates can learn all the skills they need to get an entry-level job in their chosen area. That’s why UNIQUE System Skills is known for the best trade training in New Hampshire.

Why Unique System Skills is the best for trade training in New Hampshire?

Our first goal is to provide the best trade training in New Hampshire and an educational facility committed solely to the trades, with the very best tutors who share our dedication and vision of getting people of all backgrounds excited about a career in the trades again.

Finding the right trade training can be difficult, but at Unique System Skills, you have the key to staff and instructors dedicated to helping you achieve. It’s time to see a program that matches your talents, interests, and passions. we help you find which of our trade training programs is right for you.

NOTE: If you have been approved to get TAA training funds, funding will be completely supported by the government.

SOURCE: US Department of Labor. Please go to the following website for further details on TAA program.

Quick access to TAA Program brochure

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We have been approved by the office Trade Adjustment Funding to offer the latest IT courses training to TAA approved students. We have been successfully working with the unemployed workforce (WIOA) since April 2016 by providing quality training along with job assistance.

We offer 57 different courses. Click here to view our courses page.

We offer 41 different packages. Click here to view our packages page.

You can contact our office and talk to our training specialist who can meet, guide and assist you.

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