Eve Echoes makes changes based on mobile devices

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Eve Echoes is an MMORPG for upcoming mobile devices. Its source is an extension of its PC predecessor, Eve Online (2003). The game developed by NetEase Games was in the public testing stage before, and has now been released in August.

As we all know, Eve Online has been online for nearly 20 years. Obviously, it has a long history, and many things have been developed over a long period of time. You can imagine that the way people play games in the past and now is different.

Their user experience team knows this well. They will continue to iterate the UX and UI elements of Eve Online. We will see that while trying to maintain the original UI, they have proposed new UX improvements in their development work. They try to rearrange all the information and divide it into different levels according to its priority. It is hoped that by doing so, this game can be more accessible to players.

In other words, if people need other tools to play this game, such as Excel, that is their choice. Currently, players also use some coding tools to help them play the game. On the premise of not violating user policies, in fact it all depends on them. It's all possible.

Eve Online is a very complex game with a lot of content. Even if the old players play the game for a long time, they will still meet some new game players. However, they are familiar with the core concepts and core experience, so they can be recreated in Eve Echoes.

The designer greatly simplified the gameplay of planetary interactive games. In this respect, Eve Echoes is different from Eve Online.

Nevertheless, Eve Online is still a large and complex massively multiplayer online game, and the game time is very long. On the other hand, mobile devices generally do not recommend this player engagement. For games like Eve Echoes, their simplification on mobile devices is still necessary.

Although Eve Echoes has been launched for more than a week, Eve Online, the mobile branch of CCP's legendary MMORPG, is gaining momentum. In my opinion, Eve Online has always been known for its steep learning curve for beginners. Although Eve Echoes has simplified and updated various parts of the game to reduce the premonition of entering the space sandbox, it is still somewhat difficult to gain space. After spending the EVE Echoes ISK time I might not be able to find in Eve Echoes, I’ve gathered up a handful of beginner tips to help other new Capsuleers during their first few hours in New Eden. Players should not skip the tutorial.

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