The origin of blood elves in World of Warcraft

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The story in World of Warcraft takes place in a fantasy world full of wise beasts, dwarves, orcs, trolls, elves... and more elves than you think. Elves can be seen everywhere in Azeroth’s cup. There are the Night Elves, Nightborne, Highborne, High Elves, Blood Elves, San'layn (they're vampires), spider elves, Void Elves, and even a few half-elves. The elves in the World of Warcraft environment are like tofu The same, it is very magical. If you apply a new kind of magic to them, they will absorb these shocks, and suddenly, they will become a whole new species.

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As World of Warcraft’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, fans have been angry with a particular elf situation for 13 years since it came out. In this state, during the Battle for Azeroth, the anger finally reached the edge of explosion. Now, Blizzard is taking a bold new stance: Fuck it, High Elves for everybody.

High Elves has a long history in World of Warcraft. They are fair, pale-skinned, blue-eyed archers and mages straight from the pages of Tolkien. They first appeared in Warcraft 2, including the hero unit Alleria Windrunner. For old-fashioned fans, they are like the orcs in Horde and are already an iconic part of Alliance.

Unfortunately, in Warcraft 3, Arthas, one of the WOW Classic Gold biggest villains in the game, was exterminated by him in order to become the Lich King. Then the survivors called themselves "Blood Elves", in the MMO, they eventually chose to join the tribe instead of the alliance. These blood elves hate the Alliance, and being with their forgotten neighbors in the tribe is cool and evil.

In order to create a paladin, the blood elves began to kidnap the demigods and dissipate their power. They also publicly brainwashed protesters on the streets of their city, Silvermoon City, and indulged in weird demonic magic. In contrast, the high elves are a small force that struggles to survive in the alliance. They were too few in number to participate in the game-again, because they were almost eliminated in Warcraft 3, the survivors joined the tribe and absorbed the demons.

Blizzard's decision to withdraw Silvermoon from the Alliance was controversial at the time, but this made the Horde an attractive competition. Since then, blood elves have been the most popular race in the tribe. Because they have the strength of specific racial abilities, it explains to some extent the reason why guilds vying for the world's number one will usually choose tribes in the next few years.

The Blood Elves also gave up their evil ways at the end of the Sunwell raid, pledged themselves to be the good guys, and even negotiated to rejoin the Alliance during Mists of Pandaria for a brief time. But Blizzard remained clear: There would never be High Elves on the Alliance.

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