Top 20 EdTech tools for Educators

Here is a list of top most 20 EdTech tools which can prove very much beneficial to the educators or teachers for online education.

EdTech tools are online platforms which are a infuse technology with education. These EdTech tool ensure that the online education delivery is carried out flawlessly. These tools are indeed proving helpful for the educational institutions which believe that even online education can be fun and interesting.


1. Eklavvya LMS

Eklavvya LMS can help you to conduct live classes or training sessions for students or employees.

It is cloud hosted online platform . Hence it becomes easy to conduct classes or sessions for the candidates belonging to any location.


2. Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the most used tools now-a-days. It can support participation of up to 250 candidates which proves very helpful while conducting virtual classes.


It can help you to create dedicated meeting space or a virtual classroom wherein the teachers and students can join and carry out teaching-learning activities on a daily basis. The simple interface and integration makes it easy for them to interact.


3. MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform which enables you to conduct live classes, online meetings, and text and voice chat. It also enables you to share assignments, conduct quizzes, live events, etc.

MS Teams also helps the educators to create customised course materials or schedules to teach lessons. The teachers and students can easily interact as the tool is very user-friendly.


4. ePravesh®

The demand for online platforms to conduct admission process is increasing day by day. This is not a surprise as these online admission platforms help the educational institutes to carry out the entire admission process in an online mode.

ePravesh® is also such a platform which can help you to carry every process beginning from registration, sorting, conducting online entrance exam, short listing to accepting admissions, generating the merit list, uploading documents and making payments.


5. Eklavvya

One online tool which every educational institute absolutely cannot do without is an online examination platform. Eklavvya is a multi-functional platform which can help you to conduct online exams in the most hassle free way.

Eklavvya is developed using three different types of remote proctoring mechanisms (image, audio, video) and various other mechanisms such as secure browser, AI Proctoring, audit logging, etc. which help to completely eliminate the chances of cheating or malpractice.


6. eParikshan

As we are aware, evaluation of online or offline exams is a tedious and complicated process. But it can be made easy with the help of online evaluation platforms.

eParikshan is an online evaluation platform which can help you to evaluate online or offline exams both objective and subjective exams.


7. Google Docs

Google docs provides many features such as spreadsheets, online word processor and a presentation editor. These features can prove useful while writing and sharing assignments, projects or any other homework.


The feature of real-time collaboration can allow the teachers to discuss assignments, give presentations or hold group discussions. Google docs also allow you to save documents automatically, track editing history or even switch to older version of the document. Google docs also can be used in an offline mode which means the teaching-learning activities can be carried out even in case of less internet connectivity.


8. YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most used platform for education purpose. There are many benefits of using Youtube such as it is free of cost, it can be accessed anywhere anytime, rewatching is possible and is also interactive.


The teachers cab use YouTube as an additional resource while carrying out online classes. They can answer the queries asked by the students in the comments section. This also encourages discussions.


9. Grammarly

Grammarly helps the educators in many different ways. The teachers check the grammatical mistakes or the authenticity of the assignments shared by the students. Grammarly can also help the teachers to check the spellings in no time.


10. Canva

If you wish to add some visual effects to your regular theory lessons, Canva is the best tool. Canva provides numerous user-friendly options such as animated images, photo gallery, templates, colours, font styles, etc. for the teachers.

By using these features, the teachers can create different images, carousels, presentations, Infographic, etc. Canva also provides the option for auto-saving and downloading your work.


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