A popular offensive weapon that can be used

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Without further delay let's go over all five players in Mut 23 coins Golden Ticket Release 2:

Cordarrelle Patterson (CB) - 99 OVR - Atlanta Falcons

A popular offensive weapon that can be used at wide receiver, running back and return This new Patterson can actually be a defensive threat.

Placed at cornerback, this card also comes with the following attributes: Man-to Man (x2), Zone (x2), and Hybrid.

Collin Johnson (WR) - 99 OVR - Jacksonville Jaguars

A new star trying to make a name in his team the New York Giants after his debut season with the Jaguars, Collin Johnson gets to go 99 OVR this time.

This powerful card is 99 in Jumping in addition to Spectacular Catch. He's also got Deep Threat (x2), Physical Route Runner and Slot capabilities.

Be ready for the Field General as this insane Matt Ryan card is bringing the heat with Throw Power, Throw Accuracy Medium, Throw Accuracy Deep And Throw On The Run all at 99 rating.

He also has top-of-the-line capabilities with Field General (x2), Improvisor, Scrambler and Strong Arm all in slots.

Mike Evans (SS) - 99 OVR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another positional switch, devastating big-man the wide receiver Mike Evans gets to cheap mut 23 coins head into defense as a Strong Safety offering Run Support in this Gold Ticket card.


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