Programming tests to boost coding skills

Learning programming languages help the students to build a problem solving attitude, develop resilience, create a thought procedure and expand their creativity. It also helps to improve their mathematical and cognitive ability.

Importance of programming for schools

The first programming language was created as old as in 1883. Since then programming or coding has been one of the most sought after field of study and work in the entire world.

The programming languages have become an integral part of every person’s life. Almost every field or industry makes use of some sort of programming language. It has become a skill which is essential to be learnt not just for building career but also for the fact that it is interesting and fun for everyone including kids.

Importance of programming for higher education institutions

There are some educational institutions which have been conducting programming competitions for the students. These competitions could be among the students belonging to the same school or college or even on an inter-school or inter-collegiate level.

Conducting such competitions is important for colleges as they encourage the students to study the programming languages with interest. Many of these competitions also give away exciting awards or prizes to the winners.

Traditional way of conducting programming tests

The educational institutions have been conducting programming competitions or tests for a while now. Traditionally the tests were conducted in the schools/colleges either in the computer labs or classrooms.

If the test was held in the lab, the students were supposed to type the code and run it on the computers. The examiner would set the timer and once the time is up, check the code for any errors or loopholes.

Advantages of conducting programming tests in online mode

1. Location independence

The online exams, naturally, can be conducted from anywhere. The students do not need to visit the schools/ colleges or computer labs or any exam venue to participate. They can log into the available devices such as desktops, laptops, Ipads, mobile phones, etc. and launch the test.

2. Cost effective

Due to the freedom of location, the institute management does not need to focus on providing infrastructure or other facilities. They do not need to worry about providing supervisor for physical supervision either.

4. Automated Evaluation

The Automated Evaluation System is a dynamic tool which helps the examiners and the administrative staff to eliminate their manual efforts at a large extent.

System can evaluate code against predefined test cases. If those test cases are verified then system can assign evaluation marks for each successful test case output.

Final thoughts

Programming tests are an inseparable part of college curriculum. They help the colleges to assess a student’s technical knowledge and understanding of complex topics.

They help the students to measure their understanding about programming and the areas where they need to work on. With the help of these assessments, the students also get a practice of the process of hiring carried out by different organizations.

Such online exam platforms are very much functional as they help to create a question bank which could include questions related to different programming languages, difficulty levels, marking levels, etc.

Eklavvya is a software platform which helps to conduct such programming competitions with all the advantages and security. By making use of the best technology available, Eklavvya helps to digitize the programming tests to a perfect optimum level.

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