Increase Your Business Profit With This PrestaShop Mobile App Tips

With these PrestaShop Mobile App Tips, you may increase your company's profit.

Every eCommerce merchant has been planning ways to grow their eCommerce company. The mobile app is an excellent way for businesses to enhance their sales and income. Moreover, help them grow more.


The shop admin can also quickly make their online store into an Android or iOS app with the help of Knowband's PrestaShop Mobile App Builder. The PrestaShop mobile app is fully integrated with the eCommerce websites, so shop owners can make real-time changes.


Features of the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator


1. White Label Applications


The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker also allows shop owners to include their eCommerce website's logo in the app's header. The shop manager can also customize the Android and iOS apps with banners, graphics, and app titles to promote favorable branding among mobile buyers.


2. Home Screen Layout Customization


The store manager can develop, add, and adjust a variety of themes and festive layouts with the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator. Numerous aspects of the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App backend can be updated simply by dragging and dropping.


3. Synchronization in Real-Time


The PrestaShop Mobile App is also completely integrated with your eCommerce website. Any changes made to the eCommerce store inventory show up right away on the shopping app.


4. Support for several languages and RTL


The PrestaShop mobile app also supports all website languages, including RTL. This allows the eCommerce merchant to focus on international and global markets.


5. Options for Instant Login


The PrestaShop Mobile App has a simple registration procedure that boosts customer happiness and conversion rates. Online visitors can use an email address, a Google account, Facebook, a phone number (OTP), or a fingerprint to get into the Android and iOS apps.


6. Checkout Simplified


The PrestaShop Android App Builder also has simple checkout options. The eCommerce Mobile App allows them to submit just a few important data points on a single checkout page. 


7. Push Notifications Are Unlimited


Using the PrestaShop iOS App Maker, you can send automated push notifications for referrals, offers, promotions, and discounts to increase customer engagement. 


The PrestaShop Android App Builder also lets an e-commerce store owner send push notifications from the module backend to the mobile app.


Push notifications regarding discounts offers, and coupons will undoubtedly attract consumers' attention and result in more sales for the eCommerce company. 


The conclusion


Your eCommerce mobile app can also include these extra functionalities. Therefore, incorporate all of these features into your PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App to help with the growth of your business and generate more profit.


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