NBA 2K22 Dunking Tips and techniques

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Elite finishers have a better chance to NBA 2K22 MT finish contact dunks better than defensive players. People who have the pro or elite packages can access contact dunks, however the difficulties to finish increase over players with high paint defense and blocks.

Dunk contest controls are different from the normal dunks you'll see during games. Players are able to choose the kind of dunk that they want to execute based on the specific dunks available within NBA 2K22. The timing and execution matter when performing thesedunks, since the judges will look at them when they score.

NBA 2K22 Dunking Tips and techniques

Knowing the player's dunk rating and vertical to understand how they perform elite and professional dunks is essential. This also helps you to test whether you can execute either a standing or running dunk to a specific guard forward, or center.

Dunking is an art that gets not only two points, but some pretty points from the crowd as well. The players must be savvy however, so that they know the right time to perform an edgy dunk, or go for NBA 2K Coins an easy jump when there's an opponent in front. Dunks may look good but the key is getting the points.


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