Is Legal Separation Any Different From Divorce?

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Divorce, separation, and other family law issues are never easy. A qualified Family Law Attorney in Orange County has seen and understands all there is to know about family law. This covers spousal support, child support, visitation rights, and child custody before and after a divorce. You require the services of a seasoned Family Law Attorney to fight for your rights and the well-being of your children. Here's some information:

Legal separations do not usually result in divorce, but they are considered the first step toward one. A formal separation is a technique to sort out how separate lives will continue rather than the tangled lives of a marriage. It can be viewed as a "test drive" for a divorce.

It can also be a way to separate the two parties to give each other a little time to let "cooler heads" prevail. Oftentimes couples rush to divorce after an argument, only to realize later that if they had separated for a short time, they may well have reconciled and not gone through with a divorce.


Drawbacks:- Legal separation does not mean the end of a marriage! Legal separation, on the other hand, is used to define each party's obligations and rights as individuals rather than as a couple. Legal separations are intended to preserve each individual's assets while they decide whether or not to divorce or reconcile. Typically, court orders are in place to compel payment on community property and child custody concerns.

Benefits: While legally separated but still married, spouses can share medical benefits, social security benefits, military benefits and allow time for a cooling-off period. Legal separations can also be useful if religious convictions are not shared.

The pair can legally divorce but still remain married in order to practice their religious views. If reconciliation is not possible, legal separations can be easily converted into divorce settlements.

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