Why do organizations need SAM as a service?

SAM or software asset management is an essential process for businesses to ensure the successful deployment of software.

SAM or software asset management is an essential process for businesses to ensure the successful deployment of software. It also includes practices for effective management, control, and protection of software assets that a business has. The ultimate goal of SAM is to reduce the burden of IT costs while ensuring maximum utilization of resources. Some companies have SAM tools while others hire a third-party service for the deployment of SAM tools as well as their management. As licensing is a complex and dynamic process, businesses have to ensure effective SAM practices and services for effective IT management.   

SAM as a service covers everything a company may need for software asset management including tooling and customized services to enhance the effectiveness of in-house SAM efforts. SAM as a service is highly flexible and offers great advantages to businesses:


Licensing, compliance and several other complex terms can give businesses a tough competition for survival.  Managing some high-cost licenses sometimes require highly specialized resources that only an industry expert can offer.

SAM experts are also licensing specialists. They manage everything efficiently with their expertise so that businesses can have more time to pursue strategic initiatives.

Cost advantages

As SAM services are becoming critical to business operations, customization, and flexibility in offerings are now available. It allows companies to ask for relevant and efficient services that can justify their needs and deliver constant value. These services coupled with effective IT management, licensing assurance, and maintenance of compliance, businesses can make big savings.

Better ROI

With effective IT management, mitigation of IT risks, and streamlined business operations, companies can boost their ROI and improve profits.

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