Common use of Tire Impact Wrench impact wrench

What you need to look for in Tire Impact Wrench

What you need to look for in Tire Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are a common tool used by mechanics everywhere. They are commonly used to remove nuts and bolts from cars and trucks, but they can be used for any job that requires high enough torque.

If you're not already familiar with impact wrenches, it can be a little overwhelming to buy. Here are five things to help you choose the ideal tool.

energy source
You will find three power source based impact wrenches on the market - hydraulic, pneumatic and electric. What you choose for your purposes is entirely up to you.

For users who have a large air compressor to drive an impact wrench, they should choose the pneumatic model. If you don't have an air compressor and won't be buying one anytime soon, consider buying an electric impact wrench, these are great options. Hydraulic impact wrenches are relatively rare and are mainly used for heavy duty work on industrial job sites.

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