A retiring couple can sell their four-bedroom home

A retiring couple can sell their four-bedroom home for £850, 000 - and yes it comes complete with a CATTERY that has room for almost 100 cats.

A retiring couple can sell their four-bedroom home for £850, 000 - and yes it comes complete with a CATTERY that has room for almost 100 cats.

Wendy and Graham Jones, who will be both in their mid-70s, moved to the site of Timbers Cattery in Norwich, Norfolk, in 2007.

They said that 16 in years past, the almost half-acre of land was a "very small, run-down place", with one or two small wooden sheds out the back of their home.

But progressively, the couple have poured all their time and money into completely renovating and refitting the particular cattery - which now incorporates a five-star animal welfare status, and is able to help house 95 cats.

But they may be now selling the individually-heated chalet accommodation for felines on holiday, as well as their unique four-bedroom home, as they prefer to retire.

And former schoolteacher Wendy states she and her husband's comments, who ran his unique consultancy business, will miss "each and every one" with their furry guests.
Wendy claimed: "It is quite emotional being parting with it -- if it wasn't time for individuals to retire, I think we'd stay here forever.

"We've got to know our customers progressively, and many of them became our friends.

"We now see of times of some of our former customers come together, all grown up, and looking to board their cats.

"I think we would have started seeing numerous grandchildren soon, too. "
But Wendy said she and Graham are arranging to stay in Norwich - and can continue to visit the Cattery every now and then.

She said: "I hope whoever buys it can enjoy having us around to show them the ropes. "
She said the work would suit a "dynamic, younger, cat-loving family".

The cattery charges £10 per day for individual cats, has 35 chalets inside the garden, and the facilities possess a five-star animal welfare history from South Norfolk Local authority or council.

It was completely refitted with 2016, meaning that an innovative owner will have the blessing of many years - minus the need for further significant investment into the business.

It has recently re-opened after closing due to the Covid-19 outbreak - it is full this month.
Special health concerns have been introduced, such as the wearing of visors and increased cleaning to guarantee the animals are protected.
Selling agents Everett, Masson Furby explained: "We are delighted to bring to the market what is, inside our opinion, one of the biggest quality boarding catteries that we have had the satisfaction of being appointed to offer.
"Both the lovely spacious family home along with the bespoke high quality cattery provide excellent reliable accommodaton for both individuals and cats alike.

"If you are searching for a cattery business and also a property for yourself to stay in then look not any further, as you might be hard pressed to beat that which is on offer here. ".
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