The best reasons to invest in the OpenCart Gift the Product Extension

The OpenCart gift the product extension by Knowband is a smart tool. Further, it helps you with the customer engagement, sales, and revenues of your business. In fact, it helps build a successful business with your customers.

So, what does the OpenCart freebie extension by Knowband do?

The OpenCart gift product allows the admin to display free products on the front end. Furthermore, depending on the cart value of the customer, you can offer varied gifts to them. For instance, there'll be a set of free items on a certain cart value. Moreover, there'll be other free gifts on a different cart value. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using the OpenCart free gift extension. Furthermore, these factors will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the module.


The best arguments to choose the OpenCart Promotion Gift Extension by Knowband


The OpenCart free gift extension encourages customers to spend more money in their basket

The admin can effortlessly incentivize consumers by using the OpenCart incentive gift. Give them the choice to enhance the value of their cart. How? By presenting them with appealing presents on the front end. Simply said, the administrator can categorize the presents for consumers based on the worth of their basket. For a $30 cart, for example, the presents can be a shirt, sunglasses, or other items. Similarly, for a $50 cart value, you can give the consumers a more valuable present. For example, a watch, a leather belt, or something else entirely. As a result, the consumer will desire to increase the value of their basket in order to receive better presents from the company.


The front arrangement for displaying the presents

Different layout possibilities are available for the OpenCart product purchase reward. In addition, the gift alternatives are displayed on the front end. In reality, there are two layout possibilities to choose from. There are two types of product listings: normal and sliding. As a result, the administrator can pick from a variety of methods for presenting the presents.


Changing the number of presents that appear on the front end

The number of goods displayed in the gift area can be readily customized by the administrator. He can also easily change the number from the backend. In reality, he is free to give as many presents as he likes for selection.


OpenCart compatibility characteristics give the product extension

Knowband's OpenCart freeware extension is a highly compatible plugin. Furthermore, the plugin is mobile-friendly. Furthermore, it is multilingual and multi-store compatible.


Let us wind up!!

As a result, these are the reasonable grounds to use the OpenCart gift product extension. With the extension, Knowband provides three months of free customer support. In fact, you can reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions.

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