Build your NFT marketplace on Ethereum with a White-label Foundation Clone

As the buzz about the metaverse grows, creators are raking in hefty rewards.

For instance, there is one Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that helps artists to monetize their content. It is Foundation. Likewise, collectors can bid for these collectibles by participating in auctions.  The platform has witnessed a trading volume of more than $27.07 million in the last 1 month. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to take over the Web 3.0 era? Develop a White-label Foundation clone now. 

The key features of an NFT marketplace like Foundation App are

Multi-wallet support - Artists and investors can process payments easily on an NFT marketplace like Foundation app. The white-label platform allows them to use several wallets like Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent, TokenPocket, MathWallet, ImToken, ONTO, Pillar, and MathWallet. Thus, they can pay off auction fees, bidding charges, gas fees, and listing charges effortlessly. 

Search collectibles option - Users can enter names of artists, profiles, and collections before buying them. Thus, they will receive results about the NFTs available for sale, the floor price, and the date and time of listing and minting. 

Filter and sort mechanism - Investors can sort out attractive collectibles based on the price (high to low in Ethereum), market (primary and secondary), and availability (all, available for bidding, and sold). Moreover, they can also search for collectibles by clicking the tags button. Users can press options like 2D, 3D, concept art, abstract, illustration, contemporary art, animation, colour, and surrealism. 

Help Desk - Content creators and NFT collectors can resolve concerns by contacting the help centre.  They receive instant support for issues like processing of transactions, protection against copyright infringement and intellectual property (IP), bidding for collectibles on the secondary market, splitting of royalties, and organising private sales. 


Wrapping Up

Around 3870 users have processed 9,990 peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions on the Foundation NFT marketplace in the last 7 days. Do you want to harness this big trend? Contact a white-label solution provider and accomplish your business objectives. 

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