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Molding has existed for over a century. Molding allows producers to create bespoke designs for various applications, including art, packaging, and automotive parts.


The 21st century however brought something totally new to the table — think value, enhance the sustainability bar. Because of this, garbage, particularly waste paper, is commonly used to create a assortment of end goods. This is made possible by pulp molding machines(maquina para hacer cartones del huevo).

Just what is a Pulp molding machine?

It's a unit which utilizes waste paper to produce egg trays, coffee cup trays, packaging cartons, and fruit trays. It's also known as a paper molding machine, mainly because it employs waste paper and water as feedstock. This machine turns waste paper in to a valuable resource.

Top 5 Facts to consider When Buying a Pulp Molding Machine

1.Ease of Use

Different functioning modules are used by different machines(maquina para hacer cubetas de huevos). Choose a machine with a modular design that allows for a variety of configurations and is also very easy to install and operate. Furthermore, an effective design will give you a low failure rate during operation and after operations. BESTON engineers are noted for their precision and accuracy inside their work, as well as a low failure rate with their machines.

2. Design

Exactly what is the configuration from the pulp molding machine? How complex will it be? The cost of an increased-leveled configuration is normally higher. The cost will surge in tandem with all the increased output and capacity. The cost of a plastic forming mold, as an example, is less compared to metallic mold. Furthermore, a built-in pulping system is often more expensive than the usual typical pulping system. A four-sided forming machine will also be more costly compared to a single-sided forming machine.

3. Scale of Production

Different manufacturing capacities can be found depending on your requirements. The capability of small pulp molding machines ranges from 1000 to 1500 pieces. The following machine can be a semi-automatic pulp molding machine. It could produce between 2000 and 2500 pieces daily. The automated pulp molding machinery(, which has a big opportunity to create paper trays per day, is definitely the last and highest on the list. Due to the high level of paper tray production, it is advisable for big-scale production.

4. Drying System

Furthermore, the drying systems are set up differently. An organic, brick drying system or perhaps a metal drying system might be used. First is the most basic, even though the last is the most complicated. The natural drying system may be used within a dry region with plenty sunshine, wind, and high temperatures.

5. Eco-friendly design

To begin with, the pulp molding machine produces biodegradable paper molded trays. Paper trays are gaining popularity as a result of the ban on plastic in numerous countries. Furthermore, the pulp molding production process costs nothing of pollution.

BESTON Pulp Molding Machinery

BESTON, being one of China's most dependable pulp molding machine manufacturers, carries a strong power to export the appliance worldwide. BESTON(bestoneco) has consumers and fans from around the world, including Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and many more. We've gained widespread recognition among molded pulp manufacturers all across the globe. Give us a call for the greatest deal on the market!

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