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Corporate Training in Bangalore is offered by the Institute Of Corporate Analytics and Training will help you to achieve the strategic objectives of your organization.

 Hadn’t it been for this pandemic, None of us would have intended to sit with our phones, tablets, or laptops and graduate. The Institute of Corporate Analytics and Training, apart from providing services to the corporate sector, also caters to individual clients from diverse sectors throughout India's metro cities, with Bangalore serving as a major technological hub. When it comes to Elearning services in Bangalore, there is no need for hesitation in preferring us as a better alternative. The human race owes a debt of gratitude to technological advancements for making it possible to equip knowledge with the use of the internet or a smartphone.



When it comes to academics as well as corporate training, this is a form of learning that gradually enriches. A mode of learning which progressively enriches when it comes to academics and corporate training.  Despite the fact that we are based in Bangalore, we provide corporate training in Bangalore to a number of well-known firms through our E-learning platform, which allows them to access our content at their leisure. E-learning expands training opportunities regardless of location. Comprising both technical and behavioral abilities, as well as the requirements of your employees for simple comprehension and retention of concepts.


We consider the unique requirements of your staff and your company. The programs are meant to make concepts easier to grasp and remember, as well as to provide value to your company. The modules are in the latest SCORM and TinCAN formats, so they can be uploaded to your Learning Management System right away. MicroLearning technology is used by our elearning services in Bangalore to turn graphics, photos, and text cards into bite-sized information for people who find traditional training difficult, especially those who are on the move constantly.


Our E-learning services extend to corporate training in Bangalore using Immersive learning where the individual can actually see the learning object to study its mechanism through virtual reality software. For industrial training Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the users can just put on the VR and can tour a factory. The training content is visible when they reach near equipment.

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