How to Launch Pre-Configured OpenCart PWA Mobile App in Three Easy Steps?

This blog gives you a brief idea about OpenCart PWA Mobile App in Three Easy Steps without putting extra effort with easy and simple home screen layout.

The progressive web app is becoming popular among users because it is lightweight and gives a lot of benefits to them. With the changing time, many store owners have already developed their PWA mobile app and started selling their products. It is also very useful in giving a higher User experience to the customer and an easy and simple home screen layout. The OpenCart PWA app builder by knowband allows the store admin to launch their shopping app in just a few steps. In this blog post, we are going to show you how the OpenCart PWA Mobile app is created. And what are its most important features?

Three Steps to Launch the OpenCart PWA App Creator -

  1. Make sure you have the OpenCart PWA app builder by knowband.
  2. Install this extension to the e-commerce website
  3. Fill out all app requirements in the form and have a look over it before making it live on the website.

Top Known Features of Opencart eCommerce PWA App -

Easy to Install and Use -

The most important thing about the PWA for OpenCart is that it creates successful mobile apps. It can be created without taking help from any third-party app. It runs on its own and doesn't need to be launched in Google Play Store and Apple Store. The visitors can easily add OpenCart PWA mobile app to their home screen by clicking into the "add to home screen" popup. It also saves a lot of space like Mb and Gb because it is small and lightweight.

White Label Apps -

The store owner of the OpenCart progressive web app can launch the app with their own brand name. It not only improves the brand image in front of mobile visitors but also allows a store owner to do a lot of different things. Store admin can add a brand logo, app name, logo, picture, and so on, by just going to the admin end.

Dynamic Home Screen -

The OpenCart PWA App Builder allows the store admin to quickly change the home screen layout without having to write any kind of code. This way the store admin makes the progressive web app interesting to the mobile users and more user-friendly, so it's more fun to use. The OpenCart PWA app creator backend allows the store owners to use to design and configure their home page layout. Also, this homepage layout editor has a lot of features that store owners can use to make their layout unique.

These are more interesting features of the OpenCart eCommerce PWA app. Some of them are-

  • Facebook Google Login
  • Enhanced Layered Navigation
  • List Grid View of Products
  • Multiple Social Sharing Options
  • Coupon Voucher Support
  • One-Page Checkout
  • Order Status White-Label App

To Conclude -

Store owners can now launch their own OpenCart module much more easily using the module extension. Furthermore, its customization and management options mean that store owners will no longer have to rely on coders for any changes. So, what's the point of waiting any longer in launching your OpenCart PWA mobile app.

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