When and how to use MagicQR codes

Visit Dubai, London, Singapore, Newyork or New Delhi, just scan the MagicQR displayed there and see all the deals and discount.

MagicQR works in the same way as a MagicQR code with your mobile device. It provides details on all the special offers and promotions available in your shopping region. You'll also be able to find this MagicQR on the Ginbox website and at the retail center of your choosing.

Scanning the MagicQR at the shopping center will give you information on all current deals in that market. Place the camera so that the corners of the MagicQR code are visible within the scanning window's boundaries and the camera is directly above the regulation. Keep control of the phone while it tries to figure out the code.

The ginbox on the website includes details about all of India's most current online shopping most excellent bargains. Take advantage of today's best deal offers in various categories, including fashion, electronics, food, phone recharge, vacation, and more. When you create an account for the Magic QR magazine, you will get frequent email messages with information on the offer. Many people have already signed up for the Ginbox and are using its many features.

Scanning the company MagicQR awards, you Reward points through GINBOX and an offering discounts from such merchants or the store, in addition to the savings that are presently accessible. The GINBOX website's MagicQR can give you all of the information you need about current deals and discounts at the retail area you wish to visit.

Dealers, retailers, and merchants interested in creating a corporate profile on Ginbox in the form of a BOARD and producing their MagicQR may do so. Magic QR codes are a kind of barcode, and MagicQR stands for "quick reaction," referring to the fact that the code may be scanned or scanned using mobile devices with QR scanners or apps. MagicQR codes include data via MagicQR scanners or smartphone apps.


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