Similar as Dragon Crossbow

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They offer a less advantage to OSRS gold your attacks, but they cost around 4 times the price. If you're unable to afford Rune Bolts or aren't able to meet the Slayer specifications for Broad Bolts use the Magic Shortbow using Rune Arrows. This weapon is best used as the primary weapon until 75 as better weapons cost a lot to purchase and to use in general.

At level 64, you are able to have a much better option than the Rune Crossbow. This is a high-cost weapon, as its cost varies about 4 millimeters. Dragon Crossbow is the first one that shoots Dragon Bolts which are better than their Rune counterpart, however they are far more. If you have the money to spend , this could be the next weapon you should consider and in case you don't, just take it easy.

Similar as Dragon Crossbow, this is only a small boost to your Ranged ability that can cost you more. If you have enough money to invest in it, then get one but if not you may want to avoid this step. As we mentioned earlier, the need to boost your skills is not necessary and the cost is huge.

This is the perfect late weapon for rs3 gold games since it's significantly less expensive than the alternatives, and nevertheless does an excellent job. The blowpipe is times more expensive than the Armadyl Crossbow however it requires Zulrah Scales to charge which will cost you extra. It can fire up to a Dragon Darts and has an amazing special attack which increases damage done and heals the user. This is your primary weapon until you're extremely wealthy.



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