You think could have come from a video game?

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The idea has been in development off and Mut 22 coins on for years. It was time to get it right for my brand. I worked with the Madden team to work things out dot every i's, make sure that all the t's were crossed -- once we got that done, the rest was simply going for it. I realized that somewhere in my history I'd done the right thing in order to still be regarded as one of the greatest athletes from over thirty years ago. Madden continues to believe in me to be able to do something similar to this.

I gave him those shoes. It was like telling him"Grasshopper! It's my time to carry this torch. And you must carry it well. I'm sure Saquon will do a great job at this. Saquon is a good kid. He reminds me of a large amount of me. He is strong and has his head in the right direction. This is what impresses me most. It's not his statistics. I love how that he is able to carry himself.

The only constant will remain Bo Jackson. But when you consider all the NFL running backs that have been after you, which bring you back to your own?

I can think of two players -The two I can think of are Saquon and Derrick Henry -- on the brute strength, power and the ability to navigate across the field and protect. They're not necessarily sporting the speed that I had. But they have made it work for them. They're very successful at what they do. This is why they're thought of as one of the best running backs in the game currently.

If you think back on your career, what's one performance you've played that you think could have come from a video game?

The one that nobody talks about with mut coins cheap the exception of Denver Broncos fans is when we visited Denver and I ran through their defense like a hot knife through butter. Not bragging, but it's just the fact being the size that I was at that time and the low I was when I went to college to run behind my pads. It's a fact that you won't see me upright with my pads, unless I had someone standing 5 or six yards behind me trying to chase me. However, when I was in traffic, in the middle of it all I only needed one moment to realize not running on your pads is bad for you. I'm not able of naming the name of the man but he was a linebacker with the Cardinals when they were in Phoenix. He blew me up. He took me down on the 6or 7-yard line, and dropped me on the 2. He helped me stand up and said, "Hey, Bo take note, you need to make me earn my check. It's time to get faster. I'm staring at him and saying, 'You've are a complete fool. I'm not going up in that hole again. The next time I threw it outside and ran at my speed.


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