Varnish your Cosmetic Boxes to Make Them More Fashionable

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Different look-enhancing techniques are in practice to make your packaging boxes more presentable and stylish. Varnishing is one of them. To design an Alluring packaging solution for your product is a hard nut to crack.

The cosmetic industry is vast and developed. It is necessary to display your goods gracefully to fit the marketing trend and make your product compatible with the retail market.

Custom-made cosmetic boxes, which are designed and modified according to the market’s demand are the best solution for a successful trade. Custom Cosmetic Boxes need to be presentable enough that the customer can’t stop them from buying.

An intro to Varnish?

Like many other packaging companies, Packaging Forest LLC also offered different techniques for printing, die-cutting, and laminations. All of these strategies can prominently display your items on the sale's shelf.

When a product box has a coat of any laminations or varnish, it will become more secure and well turned out for the demonstration. Varnish is a process in which liquid coating is applied to your Custom Packaging Box. The most famous varnish is aqueous varnish. Spot UV is also categorized as a luxurious varnishing option.

Varnish adds an extra glow to your product box. The shiny surface of packaging boxes made your product more glamorous and attractive. The gleaming surface of packaging boxes makes them stand out among all cosmetic items.

Numerous Types of Varnishing:

Varnish can be of different types but some famous and in-practice methods are mentioned here:

⦁ Matt Varnish

This varnish is without shine and gloss effects. Custom Foundation Boxes with the matt varnish look deluxe. This coating is perfect when the merchant wishes to convey a sense of luxury to potential consumers.

⦁ Gloss Varnish

A gloss varnish adds a gleaming sheen to your product packaging. Your product will look more smooth and shiny with the gloss varnish coatings.

⦁ Satin Varnish

A moderated option between gloss and matt is known as silk or satin varnish.

⦁ Spot UV Varnish

This is the process of coating which is performed with the help of Ultraviolet rays. Spot UV can be sub-categories as:

⦁ Full Spot UV/ all-over Spot UV

⦁ Spot UV on the Specific Area

Varnish makes your packaging boxes more stylish and presentable. It can be done on the packaging stock of mentioned types:

⦁ Rigid Boxes

⦁ Cardboard Boxes

⦁ Corrugated Boxes

⦁ Rigid Papers

Warning: For the better results of varnish never opt for a flimsy packaging stock.

Ultimate Benefits of Varnish on the Packaging Boxes

Varnish makes your Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes more secure, some non-neglect able benefits of this coating are listed here:

⦁ Varnish protects your packaging boxes from fingerprints and stains.

⦁ It makes your product more glamorous.

⦁ A glossy surface keeps the moisture away from the product.

⦁ Coating prolongs the shelf life of the product.

⦁ Your product box is secure from dust and dirt.

⦁ You can clear the dust away from the product box easily.

⦁ It makes your cosmetic boxes brighter and eye-catchy.

⦁ Glossy surface is resistant to moisture and light effects.

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