Besides being the Christmas season, it is the pandemic season once again, and although you may have made plans for the Christmas and new year, it is imperative for you to keep those plans at bay. After all, it is your health that if taken care of now, would give you an abundance of joy lat

So, you must stay at home and follow covid protocols of isolation once again, even if you have received all the doses of vaccinations, as it is evident from the rising number of cases that the double vaccinated people are also falling prey to the new Omicron variant. It is essential for you, dear reader, to understand and acknowledge the fact that being double vaccinated is not going to prevent you from being infected with Covid. The only thing that can work for the prevention of the infection is the adherence to Covid norms of keeping distance and isolation.

I understand the need to step out more often than usual during Covid in order to fetch essentials like medicines from your trusted pharmacy stores than simply ordering them online with no proper guidance and surety of the products. I, therefore, recommend you to try ordering medicines on SiashMed- Order Medicines app. This app connects you to your local pharmacy stores and the pharmacists you know and visit to get your needs fulfilled on a daily basis. These pharmacists can now serve you online through SiashMed.

So there is more than one reason for you to order medicines online during Covid now. The first is that you would want to follow the Covid protocols of maintaining distance and isolation and the second is that your trusted local pharmacies can now provide you the medicines and their services online. All this with the assurance of a quicker than ever delivery since these pharmacy stores are located in your vicinity.

Not only this, you can now schedule your visit to a store through SiashMed so that you do not have to stand in a queue, thereby maintaining social distance. Also, you can make sure that your medicine is in stock with the pharmacy you’re visiting before paying a visit or ask your pharmacist to stock up a certain medication through SiashMed.

Given all the benefits, if you wish to stay at home and order your medicines quickly to your doorsteps, try SiashMed- Order Medicines app. SiashMed is present in over 150 cities which makes it more available to even remote areas in the country. Stay healthy this pandemic season with SiashMed.

Niharika Sharma

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