There is also a chance of receiving the Clue Scroll drop from skilling

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Another way to obtain them is through a bargain you can negotiate through NPC Watson at RuneScape gold Hosidius House. The NPC will exchange his Master Clue Scroll in exchange for four additional scrolls: Easy Medium Hard, Elite and Easy. This is a great method of getting rid of scrolls you can't complete. If you're stuck on a specific puzzle then you can offer the puzzle to Watson and farm for an entirely new puzzle to begin new.


There is also a chance of receiving the Clue Scroll drop from skilling. The likelihood of receiving one increases with the grade of the material you're working with. For instance, when you are woodcutting, you will be able to collect Clue Scrolls more often from Yew trees than regular ones. Likewise, when mining for instance, you'll receive more clues from Runite rock than from Iron. When you're attempting to improve your skill, you'll have the chance of having a 28.5 percentage chance of getting Beginner or Easy Clue Scroll, 21.4 percent of chance a Medium one, 14.2% for a Hard one, and 7.1 percentage chance to be Elite.


Another method to get Clue Scrolls (and perhaps the fastest) is to buy Implings, which were previously kept in a jar. In the event of opening these containers, it could result in winning a Clue Scroll reward. If you're looking to have access quickly to Treasure Trail of your choice then you should consider this method. The drawback is that this method is quite costly. You'll need to pay quite a bit if you would like to acquire decent difficulty scrolls from the Jars.


While clues from this level are the most basic but there are still handful of buy OSRS gold drops that could be quite valuable. For starters, you are able to get a reward from an unique drop table at the rate of 1/4 for every drop you receive. If you get three drops, this means you have a 1/8 chance of receiving a special.



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