What does Knowband offer during the Holiday Season?

If you have ever shopped at Knowband, you would know that the eCommerce solutions company takes the holiday season pretty seriously.

In fact, Knowbandis popular to brighten up the holiday season for its esteemed clients. Further, talking about the company, you should certain details about it. For instance, established in the year 2011, it was then a part of Velsof. However, it became a separate entity in 2015.

In this post, we will take a look at the offerings that Knowband has for all its clients. Further, especially during the holiday season. Let us take a look at them below.


Numerous exciting deals

The very first aspect is that Knowband brings forth countless deals and discounts to the table. In fact, this happens throughout the holiday season. For instance, mentioned below are the current deals with their coupon codes for you all.

Extra 20% Off on Your Order | Coupon Code BFCM20

An extra 25% Off on Orders $50+ | Coupon Code BFCM25

Extra 30% Off on Orders $100+ | Coupon Code BFCM30

Extra 35% Off on Orders $150+ | Coupon Code BFCM35

You can avail of this discount from 26th November till 30th November 2021. In fact, apart from this sale, you can find the eCommerce plugins at an already-discounted price on the store.


Customer support that helps you through

Let us look at this one with an example. Further, a client is facing troubles in offering the right kind of discount on its eCommerce store. Thus, he turns toward customer support looking for a plugin that can be helpful. Furthermore, customer support provides a series of solutions that can be helpful in this situation. For instance, having a Gift Card section on the front-end. In addition, the client can also have the Spin and Win a game on the website as well. In fact, these two modules are equipped to be theme-inspired. Thus, a perfect match for any eCommerce store.

Hence, the point here is that the customer support team by Knowband is equipped to be there for every client/potential client.


The blog section has a lot of information for the holiday season

So, here is the blog section of Knowband. Further, the holiday season is special for all eCommerce marketers. In fact, they want to increase the sales and revenues of their business during this season more than ever. Thus, Knowband ensures that they have all the information that they need to do so. Why don't you check out the section now?


In the End

Hence, these are the ways with which Knowband offers the best services to the eCommerce marketers during the holiday season. What do you think about it? Do let us know. If you have any questions, queries, or suggestions, let us know at [email protected]

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