Discover Virginia Medical Marijuana patients registration Guide

The Virginia medical marijuana instructions are simple. Virginia medical marijuana instructions help patients get their cannabis with ease.

The Virginia medical marijuana instructions are simple. Initially, you need to get a medical marijuana card to access MMJ in Virginia. But before you enroll, you should note that Virginia only allows access to low THC oil for all medical uses. 

We will take you through the steps you should take to apply for the MMJ card. Also, note that you can only complete the application through Google Chrome, and other browsers develop problems since the program is not compatible with them. Also, Google Chrome is accessible to all residents around Virginia. 

Steps to Apply for an MMJ Card in Virginia

The first step is to open the Google Chrome browser. Then, you should proceed to Virginia’s dept of health website. From there, start your registration process.

Some patients already have another license from the dept of health Professionals. In such a case, you should key in your user ID and password. 

You should click on the “register a person” button for all patients with no other license. You’ll get it in the top left corner of the screen; The portal will prompt you to key in your last name and social security number. Follow all the directions as they pop up until you are done with the login registration. You will use the details to log in for patients, guardians, or caregiver registration. 

The third move is to log in to the profile you created earlier. You’ll see an “initial registration” button on the menu. Click on it and follow all instructions given. At this point, you should have all the documents you need to upload. 

There are two types of licenses that you can get from the system. Since you are a patient, you should select the appropriate license type. Fill in all the details and submit your application. 

Then you should pay $50 as a patient or $25 as a guardian or caregiver. Scan the document and then send it to the medical cannabis board in Virginia. 

How to Qualify for an MMJ Carr

The first step is that you need to have a qualifying condition. Then, it would help if you visited an MMJ doctor who will verify your condition. Once you get your recommendation letter, you should complete the above registration process. 


Virginia medical marijuana instructions help patients get their cannabis with ease. Although they get only one product, it provides relief to the debilitating conditions. 



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