Offer gift cards to boost your sales with the OpenCart Gift Card Extension

Gift cards are well-known for being readily accepted and well-liked by customers. Gift cards provide the recipient with the flexibility to buy whatever he wants.

Moreover, the donor doesn't like to think too hard to come up with the perfect present for his loved ones. Further, the gift card is also a terrific way for an eCommerce firm to increase sales. Particularly around the holidays and special occasions. Knowband provides an OpenCart Gift Card extension. Further, it allows online merchants to add a gift card section to their stores. Thus, customers can purchase and give elegant gift cards for a variety of special events. Further, to their loved ones with the OpenCart gift card system module.

This blog talks about the merits and features of the OpenCart send gift card extension by Knowband. In fact, with these key benefits and features, you will be able to have a better understanding of the OpenCart gift module.


Merits of the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin by Knowband


  • The OpenCart gift card module enables online clients to purchase appealing gift cards from your online store. Thus, resulting in increased sales, particularly during the holiday period.
  • The OpenCart Gift Card extension from Knowband draws new clients to your eCommerce business while keeping existing ones.
  • The OpenCart gift card manager extension assists online merchants in advertising their brand. In addition, expanding their consumer base to many. In fact, you don't need to invest any more money to promote your company. Further, simply offer gift cards on your internet store using the OpenCart gift cards module.
  • With elegant and stunning gift cards, the OpenCart Gift module gives customers a better purchasing experience. Thus, make their special days even more special. The Gift Card Module for OpenCart is quite beneficial in terms of enhancing consumer retention.

The key particulars of the OpenCart gift card extension by Knowband

  1. Production of countless gift cards

The store owner may build an endless number of new gift card templates. Further, with the plugin by utilizing pre-made photos or importing new photos from the interface.

  1. Addition of customized images in gift cards

Customers may submit a customized image from the front end using the OpenCart gift card system module. The gift card purchaser can customize the gift card by adding a personalized picture using this function.

  1. Placement or Positioning of the gift card section

The gift card icon may be added to the header, footer, and left side of the page on the website. From the backend of the OpenCart Gift Card extension, the admin can also configure the widget.

  1. Emails are customizable

The shop admin may simply edit the sender's and buyer's alert email text from the backend using the OpenCart Gift Cards module.

  1. Easy tracking and monitoring of the orders placed using the OpenCart gift module

Online businesses may also monitor and examine all orders received and managed via gift cards using the Knowband's OpenCart Gift Card extension.

  1. Customers can add images to the gift cards

You can enable your consumers to generate fresh customized gift cards with Knowband's OpenCart Gift Card extension. Further, by submitting personalized photos from the front-end of the extension.

  1. Cron capability

With the OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension's Cron capability, you can also manually mail gift cards to consumers.

In the End

The OpenCart gift card manager extension by Knowband is a stunning tool for your eCommerce business. If you are all set to welcome customers to buy gift cards from your store, check out the module on the Knowband store.

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