How To Construct Drill Pipe

The motor reverses at low speed and loosens the connecting thread of the Drill pipe and power head.

        1) After drilling a Drill pipe during pilot hole drilling, lift the drill tool up to 200mm, rinse and discharge the slag for 5-10 minutes, then stop the water and stop drilling, and clamp the lower slips under the drill pipe. Operate the handle to turn the power head slowly, align the outer teeth of the lower slip with the inner teeth of the drill frame base, stop rotating, lower the power head to make the lower slip enter the inner gear ring, and place it on the drill frame base
On the board.
        2) Operate the handle to make the pawl of the auxiliary shackle device buckle the ratchet, and then operate the handle to make the power head reverse and the auxiliary shackle device to act, loosen the connecting thread of the drill rod and the power head, and stop rotating once it is loosened , Retract the auxiliary shackle device.
        3) The motor reverses at low speed and loosens the connecting thread of the Drill pipe and power head.
        4) Raise the power faucet to make the indicator rod of the movable sleeve at the highest position, use the manipulator to send the drill rod to be connected to the power head, and quickly turn the force head to tighten the upper and lower threads of the drill rod.
        5) Lift the power head, take out the slips, and then drill the pilot hole.
        6) When using the turntable to hoist and place the drill pipe, the assistant should carefully check the condition of the hook and the rope. The operator should be careful to operate, and the lifting process should be concentrated to prevent accidents.

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