Easy Packing and Moving Hacks for Delicate Items

Have you decided to shift? Is it for a job transfer or just for a place change? Whatever the reason be behind the relocation, but have you thought about how are you going to shift the belongings present in the house?

Have you decided to shift? Is it for a job transfer or just for a place change? Whatever the reason be behind the relocation, but have you thought about how are you going to shift the belongings present in the house? You can follow two ways to relocate the items: either shift your things yourself or call a packer and mover to help you with the shifting. In any case, you will need extra help with the shifting. Especially, when you have to pack fragile items.

The packers and movers can help you deal with things in a much smarter way. Still, you will have to make preparations so that, you don’t lose any item during the transportation. Delicate items such as china bowls, artifacts, chandeliers, showpieces, musical instruments, and such other things need special attention while packing them. You can’t just stuff them all inside the cardboard box and ship them off. According to professional packers and movers, packing fragile items safely ensure that the number of damaged goods is far lesser than you predict.

Even if you have hired a moving company in Pune to help you with the move still you must give them at least one layer of packing before the packer and mover arrive on the scene. Have a look at some of the easy packing and moving hacks for the fragile items in the house to ensure safe transportation of the household items.

Hacks for Packing and Moving Fragile Items

Start the Preparation Early

Moving is a lot of responsibility. The main thing is to get it straight where to begin with. If you want everything to be under your control you need to be ahead in this game. Especially when you are dealing with fragile items at home, you must make sure that you don’t hurry with the packing. Whether you are hiring packers and movers or planning to pack everything yourself, it is important to do the first layer of packing yourself.

So, instead of hurrying at the last moment, start checking the items that will fall into the delicate category. Crystals, porcelain sets, frames, etc. can be put aside. Jot them down, and after collecting the basic packing materials you can start covering them up. Start sorting them earlier as you don’t want them every day. A simple layer of bubble wrap will help you in securing them carefully. Once the packers and movers arrive, they will pack them accordingly and load them into the transportation.

These items need time and care while handling them. In case you have hired a mover and packer in Pune to help you out with the household relocation, then it will be best to do this and set such items aside. This will help you relax and look after the work of the team while they are packing this stuff. Even if the company provides the insurance but still there are certain items that hold special value in our hearts. For them, you need to start preparations early.


Just like you segregate and categorize household items before packing them, the fragile items are the same. Your house may have several items that fall into the broad category of fragile items. The television set, picture frames, expensive paintings, chandeliers, lamps, lightings, etc. fall into the category of delicate items. Still, you cannot pack them all in one single way.

There are different ways to deal with every single item. So, it becomes important to categorize them beforehand so that you can handle and pack them accordingly. Like for instance, a mirror will be packed in a different way whereas, a TV will be sorted in another. Different things need unique way packing so that they did become damaged goods while transporting them to another place.

If you are starting to pack yourselves then it is best to do some research before you start with the packing. Plan in the beginning and at that time sort and categorize the delicate things according to their packing criteria.

Get the Right Packing Materials

Packing materials play a very important role in deciding the safety of your items. If you get professional packers and movers Pune to Patna to do the packing, they will bring the packing materials with them. But if you plan on packing the items by yourself, then it is crucial that you get all the packing materials by yourself before you can start arranging them.

The packing items decide how shock absorbent you want your items to be. Have you ever noticed how well the things that you order online are packed? If the packing is not up to the mark, then the product delivered will get damaged on its way to your house. For the best packing of your items, you need to get a few things ready. They are as follows:

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Scissors
  • Thermocol sheets
  • Strong adhesive packing tape

If these things are ready with you when you decide to pack such things, it will be easier to get things done quickly.

Label them Well

What will be the use if you pack something but don’t know what’s inside it? Even the moving company personnel won’t know which one of the packages is fragile. So, don’t make them search for fragile items, do one simple thing. All you need to do is label them properly as ‘fragile’ so that you don’t have to open everything up before checking which is fragile and which is not.

If you label them well, it will be easy for you to track them and the mover will take extra care while handling them. This way you can easily unpack and organize the accordingly on reach the destination.


These tips are something that everyone must do before the packers and movers arrive. This makes the work of packing for you and your mover easy. You will be able to manage things properly and have a smooth household shifting without much hassle.

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