Preparing For Black Friday: Proven Tips To Drive Revenue

There is no doubt that the holidays are the busiest time of year.

The holiday season is coming up, and businesses have an opportunity to prepare for the celebration and increase sales. Several companies have had to cut costs recently for various reasons; there is still time to prepare your business.


Due to more brick-and-mortar stores moving to the Internet, it is crucial to plan for Black Friday and the holidays as early as possible. This guide explains how you can drive traffic and increase online revenue during the holiday season by enhancing your website design and marketing.


Expanding reach driving traffic this holiday season

You should make your eCommerce store ready for Black Friday by assessing what's working well for it already. Examine the most popular pages, and optimize those for the mediocre ones to improve the ones struggling.


Metrics should be compared year-over-year to determine which pages or campaigns are performing well. Check out the performance of your other holiday campaigns, such as Independence Day and Father's Day. Analyze which strategies worked well, where there was room for improvement, and what tactics can be implemented next time.


Shoppers Should Optimize Their Stores For Mobile

In 2021, 54% of all eCommerce sales will have been conducted via mobile devices. Mobile devices are expected to make up more than half of all online purchases. Unless your site is optimized for mobile traffic, you are sure to miss valuable revenue as the holiday shopping season approaches. A mobile-responsive web design is key to keeping visitors from leaving your site. The days of pinching and zooming are over.


A mobile eCommerce strategy will help you capture most holiday purchases on mobile and maximize your revenue. Use real-time information to identify transferable competencies such as personalized attributes. Check out these tips for enhancing your mobile shopping cart design just in time for the holidays.

Clearly Define Your Call To Action.

You should communicate what the next step is when your customers reach the shopping cart. Using one clear call-to-action (CTA) motivates the user to make that next step in buying.


You are more than likely to encourage your users to check out and complete their purchase with a CTA in the shopping cart. However, it is possible to include a CTA that enables them to keep shopping so that they qualify for free shipping by adding more items to their cart. Alternatively, you may be running a special holiday deal during the holidays. You should always make sure your call-to-actions are straightforward so they won't confuse or frustrate people regardless of where you want them to go.


You Should Include A Detailed Product Summary.

Shoppers abandon their online carts because the store does not provide enough information. It's essential during the holiday season - when people are buying more products than usual- to give a detailed product summary, so customers know exactly what they're buying. Ensure that the shopping cart displays the discount applied to the item in the customer's cart if the thing is on sale.


Add Related Products And Upsells

Promote cross-selling and up-selling by recommending products related to those already in the cart. Consider cross-selling laptop cases, mouses, etc., in addition to an up-sell to a more expensive laptop if someone has a laptop computer sitting in their shopping cart. When people are buying gifts for others during holiday shopping, this helps increase average order value by allowing customers to add as many items to their cart as they like before they purchase.


Your Theme Should Be Winterized

The holiday season is here. Assume that you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, and there are no winter holiday decorations on display. Because the atmosphere lacks the excitement and joy other decorated stores provide, you leave without buying anything. During the holiday season, shoppers feel that same sentiment when shopping online.


Make your site seasonal with a winterized theme to delight your visitors. Your buyer personas can be more easily communicated by acknowledging the holidays with a holiday theme. By creating a unique buying experience with your store, you not only get people excited about shopping with you, but you also make an essence that helps you stand out from big-box retailers.


In A Nutshell

When the busiest time of the year is here for online shopping, make sure that your business develops a plan, grows contact lists in advance, and uses these strategies to attract, engage, and delight customers.

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