Learn Patient Instructions Of Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma?

Among all other states, Oklahoma has lenient medical weed programs. And guess what? That explains why one in 13 residents here has an MMJ card.

Let's find why this is below. We'll also inform you how to apply for your card by following simple Oklahoma medical marijuana patient instructions. 


While most states only allow their residents to apply for the MMJ card to access weed, Oklahoma permits out-of-state patients as well. They can either do it online or in the state. And without an MMJ card, patients and caregivers can't purchase any medical products from an Oklahoma dispensary. Why? It's what service providers use to verify a patient or caregiver or through the state's database.


So, this widens the scope of patients accessing medical cannabis in the state. Without a doubt, this increases the demand for weed products. 


How Do You Become An Eligible Applicant For An MMJ card in Oklahoma?

Although the state is a bit lenient in this, these are Oklahoma medical marijuana patient instructions that applicants must follow:

  • One of the first things that makes you a suitable applicant is your age. Patient applicants must be 18+ with proof of identity. But if a patient is underage, he can use a parent or guardian who will apply for the card on his behalf. 
  • A patient must have a full-face color digital photo, which should be high-quality to identify the person in it. 
  • Get a recommendation form from the state's licensed physician. And you should ensure the form is issued within 30 days of a patient applying to the state program. 

Physician Recommendation

It's crucial to note that Oklahoma doesn't have a list of qualifying conditions for patients to apply for the MMJ card. Therefore, it's up to the patient's doctor to recommend the weed as a treatment option. But they have to find it as the most suitable option.


The state has allowed qualified physicians to offer their patients this option when other treatments have failed. And it's an advantage for the patient, as he can get a recommendation for any condition. But the physician must believe it's a perfect fit for the cannabis treatment.


Some of the popular illnesses that Oklahoma physicians often recommend for medical weed include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Chronic Pain
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Epilepsy/seizure disorders

After your doctor approves you to use the weed for your condition, you'll get an official recommendation. 


The recommendation you get you'll attach as you submit your application on the OMMA website to the state. Ensure the information filled is correct to your ability. 

Card Processing 

If they find your information on par with the state requirements, it will process your medical card. The processing cost for an MMJ card in Oklahoma is $100. But its validity is up to two years.

The state will mail it to you within 14 days from your submission date. 

In Conclusion, these are the Oklahoma medical marijuana patient instructions that applicants need to follow. So, if you believe a condition you currently have can get relief with medical weed treatment, you now know what you need to do. 


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