Reintroductions in the wild in 2011

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I would play between 1.5-2 hours every day during summers to OSRS gold gain 50k of defense experience. Although it was only a brief amount of time, it was it was a hassle to sign into the game and gain that experience since I wasn't really engaged in the game at that time.

Reintroductions in the wild in 2011 and more importantly, the removal of Revenants from dungeons helped me save my life. It allowed me to play AFK on Ice Warriors in the wilderness to earn the 50k xp day I got in the summer since players did not frequent the area.

Still took a few years however, as I was unable to force myself to login for more than 2 hours, even AFK. The game was completed in the summer of 2012. In a strange way, my 99 Defense EOC was achieved just as I got it. This means I've never been able to tank with my 99 defense. I was at 98 defense at the time I tanked in an exciting war between Sals Realm as well as another clan.

Honorable mentions My 99th sparks of fire. It was a difficult 99 however I persevered and did not give up. Although firemaking is one of the easiest 99 tasks, it was much easier than creating bonfires. Sals steel war and snowball combat (air strike fights) were my specialties. Since I was of a high rank, but not the top, it was likely that I never piled the top. You're good enough.

I'm not very proud of my in-game achievements. It was just a matter of grinding and a lot. I'm glad that I got to max combat and melee later on however I don't think I'm proud of it because it didn't require any thinking or quick-reflexes. Only patience, persistence and time, patience and a amount of time.

If I had to pick one 99 Prayer is it. Since I was not an expert in 2006-07, I didn't believe I would be able to afford it. 99 Attack was a great first fight in 99.

My few accomplishments in PvP include single - and clan-PKing. I would like to believe that I was a decent F2P PKer prior to EoC, and I was really satisfied that my very first gallery reached 100+ kills. My 400-500 kills were posted on Sal's. This was spread across three to four galleries, as well as a myriad of other subjects, including random kills. It led to old PvP members saying that I was Sal's top F2P PKer (this is the reason my RuneScape King title and Witch King titles are buy RuneScape gold so special to me lol). I dunno, I never felt I did anything extraordinary, but to have people congratulating me on my kills is something I take some pride in I guess.


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