What is outbound and inbound call center?

What are inbound call centers? Learn about the different inbound call center services, how inbound calling differs from outbound calling, how to find the best contact center solution for your business, and more.

A call center consists of a versatile team of agents trained to take calls or make outgoing phone calls. As such, the main types of call centers can be divided according to the services they provide: inbound and outbound.


What are inbound call centers?


An inbound call center receives incoming calls that are often made by existing customers of companies. Providing exceptional customer service is the primary function of this type of call center.


What is the meaning of outbound call center?


An outbound call center is one in which agents make outbound calls to prospects.


What’s the difference between inbound and outbound calling?


What are the main differences between inbound and outbound call center?


Inbound calls occur when potential customers or customers initiate contact with a business or organization. Inbound call center in Islamabad's agents provide reactive customer support, which means when someone calls, they react.


Incoming call center services

Here are some common incoming telephone answering services:


Product or Technical Support: Agents answer questions about consumer products or services and provide technical support whenever possible. Call agents can also direct customers to dedicated technical support teams if required.

Help Desk Services: Customers can report failures or problems, submit complaints, or order products.

Order and Payment Processing: Agents can process and accept payment for incoming sales orders over the phone or help customers resolve problems with payment, billing, or order fulfillment.

Updates and Renewals: Agents can take customer calls regarding updates and renewals of subscription-based products or services.


What kind of calls do outbound call centers make?


Outbound calls are primarily initiated by the sales and marketing teams. The main purposes of outbound services include:


Telemarketing: Agents use direct response marketing to contact potential customers or make cold calls in an attempt to sell a company's goods or services.


Market Research: Involves agents to conduct telephone surveys to identify customer pain points and better understand their customers.


Lead Generation: Cold Reach allows agents to generate and qualify leads.


Appointment setup: Agents can schedule customer appointments on behalf of salespeople.


Business process outsourced call centers


Previously, call centers were located within a centralized office where each agent had a desk and a telephone where they handled calls. Today, businesses can choose to outsource their call center to an outsourcing company, keep it on premises, or manage it remotely (think virtual offices), allowing agents to work from anywhere, anytime.


Since the 1990s, many companies in the United States have turned to business process outsourcing (BPO) as a way to save money on call center operating costs. Outsourcing the call center to countries where the cost of living is cheaper than in the company's home country has many benefits.


When outsourcing to a cheaper remote location, it allows large companies to save on the costs of renting and managing a call center office located in the same country. In addition, it allows them to achieve greater operational and staffing flexibility and take advantage of outsourced call center technology.


That said, outsourcing a call center to an overseas call center company also comes with some downsides. For example, agents will not have the same level of product knowledge as a dedicated team. There can also be problems with communication barriers and culture shock.


Ultimately, you may be able to save more by keeping your call center on premises, especially if you get the right call center solution. Cloud-based call center solutions offer the same benefits as call center outsourcing and much more.


What’s the best choice for companies looking for a contact center solution?


A contact center solution should offer all the essential call center functions listed in the previous section, along with omnichannel capabilities to facilitate better customer interactions.


All Star BPO inbound call center solution is one of the best inbound call center software available for SMBs. The RingCentral solution enables companies to provide first-class customer service from a centralized and integrated platform. It offers many features and tools to streamline and optimize customer service.


All Star BPO inbound contact center technology enables businesses to deliver a more robust customer experience through artificial intelligence, skills-based routing, and automated self-service options. With supervisor tools and countless business tool integrations, RingCentral enables small businesses to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.


With AllStarBpo, businesses can benefit from omnichannel flexibility and connect with their customers on their preferred platforms and channels, not just by phone. Plus, with RingCentral customer service, there are always knowledgeable cloud consultants available to help you when the going gets tough.


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