Using Instagram downloader or app to download video Instagram Reels

Instagram recently released a feature called Instagram Reels. This feature is widely discussed and used by some users of the Instagram app.
Previously, this feature was still in beta in some countries. However, it was recently reported that this feature has been rolled out worldwide. <

What is the Instagram Reels feature?

The Instagram Reels feature itself is a feature very similar to the TikTok app. Using this feature, users can upload short 60-second videos.

Similar to the TikTok app, the Instagram Reels feature allows users to add various effects and filters that can make videos look more appealing.

Recently, a lot of users have discovered and tried this feature. However, there are many people who are wondering how to download Reels Instagram videos to a mobile gallery.

How to download video Instagram Reels with Instagram downloader or application

The way to download Instagram Reels can be done by several methods. Among them, you can use an Instagram downloader or application.

1. How to download Reels videos on Instagram with Instagram downloader

The first method to download videos on Instagram Reels is that you can do it without using the application. You know with Instagram video downloader Reels support. Here is the full guide or method for those of you curious.

  • Open your IG Reel video
  • Tap the three dots icon then select Copy link

Copy Link Insta

  • Open browser then go to SnapInsta
  • Paste the copied link in the column provided
  • Click the Download button to download the video.


  • After pressing the button, you will immediately be directed to the download page. There, you just need to press the Download Video button to continue downloading the Reels video to your mobile phone.


2. Download Instagram Reels with SnapX App for Instagram

The second way is you can use an android app called SnapX for Instagram. You can find and install this app for free through the Google Play Store or click here.

SnapX-online video downloader

  • Open the Instagram app, then find the Reels Instagram video you want to download
  • Next, tap the three dots icon present on the Reels video
  • Then select Copy link
  • Open SnapXapp for Instagram previously downloaded
  • Import or paste the Reels video previously copied into the column provided
  • Press the Download button to download the video.

Very easy isn't it? In addition to using this method without the application above, you can also download Reels videos on IG using the application if you do not want to have to visit the Internet browser frequently. 

Instagram Reels Feature Not Appearing

Some people may have found the Reels feature on their Instagram accounts. However, not all are able to find or try this feature as it does not appear in the app.

So why is that so? There are several things that could be the cause of this problem. One of them is because the version of the Instagram app is outdated. So how to solve it?

  • Update Instagram app via Google Play Store or App Store
  • Clear cache or memory of the Instagram app
  • Sign in back on the Instagram app
  • Or Restart your phone.

So, for those of you still wondering why the Instagram Reels feature isn't appearing in the IG app. You can try some of the above to be able to try or use the features.


Thus, there is an article on how to upload videos on Reels by IG Downloader Reels or applications. Hope that it can be useful to you. If you have any questions, don't forget to comment below.