Fire Resistance Cables - Smoke Extraction and Fire Suppression

Therefore, the usage of Circuit Integrity (CI) Cables becomes imperative in order to minimize loss to life and property.

According to the present trend, the usage of Fire Survival cables is steadily on the increase due to the obvious advantages it has over conventional (PVC FR – FRLS) cables. PVC FRLS Cables are suitable for use in a vertical run in a shaft or from floor to floor and have fire-resistant characteristics capable of preventing the carrying of fire from floor to floor. They only stop the propagation of fire from floor to floor. However, during the fire conditions, the cable itself gets destroyed and short circuits i.e. the cable malfunctions and does not survive in fire conditions. Hence, PVC-FRLS cables are only FLAME RETARDANT cables and can be used only when curbing Flame Propagation in non-critical systems where fire may not cause damage to life and property.


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