How to create the best video chat app like Zoom? A quick guide

Are you the one who aspires to launch a cloud-based video conferencing app? A white-label Zoom Clone Script will empower you to launch the app in a short span. As it is fully customizable, it can be modified with the inclusion of the feature-set you need, suitable for your business model.

The popular saying goes, “Change is the only constant.” It is the most suitable and perfect example when it comes to 2020. This is the year when the entire nation has drifted towards the digital space. The Covid-19 circumstances have paved the way for people to rely on video chatting apps like Zoom to have virtual communication with coworkers, friends, and others. 

Even though the pandemic nearly comes to an end, people still prefer video-conferencing apps for both personal and professional purposes. Many video chat apps are prevalent in the market. However, the most prominent one is Zoom that supports nearly up to a maximum of 1000 participants.   

Inspiring it is? If you are curious to launch a cloud-based video conferencing app like Zoom, it is the right time to leverage this great opportunity. Get insights into the development process of a Zoom Clone app in a brief note.

A glimpse into how to make a successful app like Zoom

Zoom Clone Script? or from scratch?

There are two different approachable ways to develop an app like Zoom. The first conventional way is to build the app right from the beginning. The second modern way is to opt for the Zoom Clone Script, a ready-made video conferencing app solution. 

Both approaches have their own sets of pros and cons. It is up to your decision to choose among these two. If you are seeking the simplest yet effective way to establish a business instantly, then the Zoom Clone Script will be the best choice.    

Points to remember during Zoom Clone App development

The selection of app platform of your choice - Start by deciding which platform to choose for app development deployment. It will depend on which set of audience you target.

Intuitive design - Most importantly, make the first impression of your app the best. Therefore, concentrate on providing an appealing yet simple user interface. 

Feature-set - The choice of features will be based on the business model. Ensure to add the relevant features to your Zoom Clone app. Some predominant features are listed below.   

  • Video preview
  • Chat
  • Desktop sharing 
  • Recording
  • Virtual hand-raising, etc

Will the Zoom Clone app be a budget-friendly one?

Building the video chat from scratch is expensive compared to Zoom Clone Script. This is because of less time required for customizing a pre-built solution. 

Roughly, you cannot predict the Zoom Clone app development process as it depends on your business requirements, including features functionality.  


Hopefully, you have gained valuable insights into the vital steps to consider while developing a video chat app like Zoom. Consider these takeaways to launch the best Zoom Clone app.  

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