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 Oliver Twist is directed against the "Poor Law", against the workhouses, against the existing political economy presidential speech concepts. Soothing public opinion promises happiness and prosperity for the majority. Achieves happiness only Oliver Twist, and then thanks to t

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Oliver Twist is directed against the "Poor Law", against the workhouses, against the existing political economy presidential speech concepts. Soothing public opinion promises happiness and prosperity for the majority. Achieves happiness only Oliver Twist, and then thanks to the romantic mood of the author's belief that whiteness, purity of the soul of Oliver, his strength in life's challenges require compensation. But it would be a mistake to assume that the novel - is the fulfillment of the author of its public mission. "Oliver Twist" was also a kind of civil answer to Dickens's dominance at the time the so-called Newgate novels, in which the story of thieves and criminals was conducted exclusively in the melodramatic and romantic colors, and themselves violators of the law was a type of Superman, is very attractive to readers. Byronic hero turned into a criminal environment.



Dickens spoke against idealization of the crime and those who commit it. Dickens is studying the mechanism of evil, its impact on human rights; good as he realized the images of Mr. Brownlow and Oliver Twist himself, Rose Meili. The most prominent were the images of the Feigin, Sykes, Nancy. However, Nancy has some attractive traits, and even showing affection to Oliver, but she also severely pay for it.





In the preface to the book Dickens clearly outlined the essence of his idea: "I thought that depict actual members of criminal gangs, to draw them in all their ugliness, with all their wickedness, to show the squalid, impoverished their lives, show them as what they actually - ever stolen, they covered anxiety, on the dirtiest paths of life, and wherever they look, everywhere is looming in front of them black scary gallows - I felt that to portray it - then try to do what is necessary and that will serve service society. And I played the best of my ability. True, the realistic portrayal of London's floor and its inhabitants in this novel is often romanticized and sometimes melodramatic tones. Oliver Twist, going to school life Feigin, who taught him the art thieves, is virtuous and pure child. He feels his unsuitability for the craft to which he pushes an old rascal, but easy, and feels free in a cozy bedroom, Mr. Brownlow, which immediately draws attention to the portrait of a young woman who subsequently proved to be his mother.



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