Timing Advance Processor Manufacturers Introduces The Usage Rules Of CNG Kit

Timing Advance Processor Manufacturers introduces the precautions for the use of CNG kit:

Timing Advance Processor Manufacturers introduces the precautions for the use of CNG kit:

1. Compatibility and licensing
When considering installing a CNG kit in your vehicle, the first thing you should know is whether your vehicle is compatible. Although newer cars are usually compatible with CNG fuel systems, not every car is compatible, so you should look for this information. If the vehicle is compatible, you will need government approval to obtain and install the CNG kit. Let your old vehicle get CNG installed a
pproval can be a time-consuming task, and you must obtain a "fuel replacement" registration certificate from the local authority. If you want to install a CNG kit on a new car, the process is less daunting.

2. Maintenance and installation costs
When you compare the maintenance costs of CNG-fueled vehicles and gasoline/diesel-powered vehicles, the former can be quite high. The reason behind this is that CNG kits will reduce the performance and power of your vehicle. This means that the vehicle will require regular adjustments and maintenance. The investment required for the CNG kit can start from Rs. 50,000 rupees 60,000, depending on your vehicle type
No. However, due to the relatively low cost of running CNG-powered vehicles, the cost can be easily recovered in about 2-3 years.

3. Fuel saving
CNG gas engines are very fuel efficient, but you must remember to refill the cylinders regularly, because not all gas stations provide this gas. The steady spread of CNG should see more gas stations in the near future, but for now, you should pay close attention to CNG gas stations near you. Another tip is that when you drive around in a compressed natural gas vehicle, always c
arry a can of gasoline/diesel as a spare.


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