How to fix netflix app not working issue?

If netflix app is not functioning on the device. do not worry, here are the guide to fix it.

The Netflix is one of the most popular ott platform. which provides a great content for the entertainment. Also, the app runs smoothly in almost every device. whenever you need to access the content. You need to  click on the Netflix app and click on your show to play it.

But sometimes, Netflix app won’t open on the device. when users click on the Netflix  on the android phone. It shows them not responding error. if you are also getting such errors on the Netflix device. do not worry, here are the guide to fix the Netflix issues. You may apply it on your devices.

How to fix Netflix  app not working problems?

  1. If Netflix app is not working on the phone. you should reboot the phone once and then retry to open it again.
  2. Hold the Netflix app for a while, and then click on the app information, Now you need to click on the app cache. Now press the clear button. Once the data is cleared. You need to reopen the app.
  3. Please make sure the app version is compatible with your device. if you are using the older smartphone. than it might not be compatible with your device. in such a case, you have to install the older version of Netflix to make it working.
  4. Apart from that, if you are using the new smartphone, you need to install the recent version of Netflix.
  5. If these steps doesn’t work for you. you need to remove the Netflix app from the phone. and then install a new app. now try to login your account on it. it will start working fine.

In case, If you get the Netflix error tbq-pb-101 on the phone or computer. you need to install the new phone on the device and then install a new app. it will start working fine for you.



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