How to fix Gmail not receiving emails problems?

If you are currently unable to get the new emails on the gmail account. do not worry, here are the guide to fix such problems.

The gmail server are very fast. Whenever someone sends you any types of email. it will be available in the mail within few seconds. but sometimes, users might not be able to receive the emails. 

Generally, it happens when Filters are blocking the new mails or there is something wrong with the incoming mail settings. In such a case, you may follow the steps given below. 

How to fix the gmail not receiving emails problem?

  1. When a computer is unable to send or receive the emails. you need to check the internet connection on the phone and computer. make sure the internet is running fine. 
  2. Now go to the gmail settings, and check the mail filters and spam settings. make sure there are no rules made for the incoming mail settings. if you find any rules for incoming emails. you need to delete them. 
  3. Go to the forwarding settings and disable it if it is enabled.
  4. Please go to the blocked email settings, if you find something wrong with the user account or password. you need to delete them and then retry to access the mail via new computer.
  5. if you cannot receive emails on the outlook application. you need to check the imap server settings first. make sure the gmail is allowing the connection. to check that, you need to visit the connection settings. 
  6. If that doesn't work for you. you can remove the current outlook account from the mail application and then retry to add it using the latest information. now try to access the mail again. it should be working fine now.

Once you change the settings on the gmail account. it will start receiving the emails. if it can still not get new emails. please visit: why is my gmail not receiving emails for more help. There you will find the complete solution.



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