Gain Instant Advantage in IoT Ventures with Secure IoT Data Connectivity

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IoT data connectivity is one of the most important aspects of every IoT use case. If the connectivity is well-suited, then the business venture will surely become a success. Over a long term, even small addition to the costing or small disturbances to the service can cause major repercussions. So, it is essential that one chooses an IoT platform that is well-equipped to fulfill connectivity requirements.

Type of IoT Data Connectivity

IoT data connectivity can vary greatly. It is essential to find a connectivity solution that is appropriate. Have a look at some variations of IoT connectivity:

Slow connectivity solutions

There are times when IoT sensors discharge is a major costing issue. As faster data speeds exhaust sensors fast, it makes sense to use LoRA and SigFox type connectivity solutions. These slow connectivity solutions can help you save a lot of money.

Very short-range connectivity solutions

Bluetooth, NFC and RFID are short-range connectivity types that work well in shopping malls and retail stores. One can easily navigate to an item via navigating a signal from their phone.

Long range connectivity

Mobile data connectivity is used for long-range IoT communication. With 5G beckoning, the speeds of mobile connectivity would increase greatly.

Wireless and LAN

Within a home or office premises, the devices can be operated via Wi-Fi or LAN.

Satellite connectivity

If the device needs to be reached is far away from basic connectivity solutions, you would need satellite connectivity.

The Importance of IoT Billing

For MVNOs and mobile telecom operators, it is crucial to bill every IoT service accurately. It is essential for proper IoT billing. As IoT is a vast technology, there is an exigent need for resources. The IoT development and billing platform should be able to handle millions and millions of IoT transactions every day.

Security: The Critical Aspect

Security is something that you can never compromise in an IoT use case. If the devices and sensors that transmit information are vulnerable to hack attacks, then your whole business goes for a toss.

Use the services of an internet of things connectivity provider that can implement strong encryption to keep hackers away. It should also be able to provide a unique public IP address for every connection. The internet of things companies should also be capable of scaling its IoT operations as per clients’ growing requirements.

Secure IoT Services is one of the best vendors in this regard. It also offers 24x7 customer support.



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